Tower diffusion station Kruszwica

Finished erection of the diffusion tower and the cossete prescalder in the Kruszwica sugar factory


Crystalization NIKA/Znamienka 2016

Technical design and delivery of devices for station of crystalization and seed magma for sugar factories NIKA and Znamienka


Tower diffusion station Werbkowice

Finished erection of the diffusion tower and the cossete prescalder in the Werbkowice sugar factory


The official representative

PCM company is the official representative of many companies supplying devices for sugar industry in all the world


Polimex Cekop Moder

Designer of the industry installations for all stages of sugar processing


Sugar industry

We perform either single devices or machines, as well as complementary stations, modernizations.


The origins of the POLIMEX CEKOP MODER company rreach early 90’s of the last century, when dr Witold Łękawski, its former owner and a father of actual owner – Igor Łękawski, found the company MODER Ltd. In 1993 due to obtaining a very strong shareholder company POLIMEX CEKOP SA, the name of the company had been expanded to POLIMEX CEKOP MODER Ltd. At the end of 90’s years dr Witold Lekawski had bought out the shares from his partners and the company become an owned by the family Łękawski, a family which has connections with the sugar industry since the XIX’s century.

The basis of POLIMEX-CEKOP-MODER work is usage of the huge experience of polish engineers, designers and scientists in building and modernization of sugar factories in Poland and all around the world.
Thanks to achieved wisdom and to using modern tools during designing process, we can supply to our customers such solutions, which allow them to fulfill technology requirements, obey the existing law, fulfill the expectations of the market and the final product recipient.

We are familiar with sugar industry through years. Right now the fourth generation of Łękawski family is working for sugar industry. We know and we understand the nature of work and problems of sugar employees.
Quality of our work and advantages of our offer are provided by quantity of realized investments and modernizations, as much as a reputation in the sugar branch, which we work for through years, with team of qualified and reliable specialist.